natural indigo dye silk and cotton from Laos

From The Source offer natural indigo silk and cotton scarves and men's shirts, made fom beautiful fabrics produced in rural Laos. [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Indigo Dyeing in Laos"]Indigo Dyeing in Laos[/caption] In Laos making indigo dye is an ancient art and steeped in myths - for example, menstruating women are kept away from the indigo jars for fear of upsetting the indigo spirit and rendering the dye useless. Indigo dye is made from the leaves¬† and shoots of the kharm plant, which grows in many areas in Laos. Getting the raw materials for indigo may be easy, but making it is an art.¬† It involves fermentation of the kharm and keeping the mixture in air-tight jars at the required temperature. Natural indigo contains no chemicals or toxic metals and wearing fabrics dyed with indigo is believed to be good for the skin. We aim to help preserve and develop the skills associated with indigo dyeing by promoting beautiful natural indigo products from Laos internationally. A selction of natural indigo dye products available on our website: indigo blue cotton scarves and shawls indigo blue plain silk scarf indigo blue ikat silk scarf indigo blue large shoulder bags indigo blue men's shirts  
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