New Season Fair Trade Winter Wool Hats, Gloves & Headbands


two women hand knitting in nepal

Earlier this year, From the Source founder Paul travelled to Kathmandu to visit our Nepalese suppliers.

We source all our knitted accessories, such as bobble hats, wrist warmers, and headbands, from some fantastic producers in Nepal. Nepal is renowned for its high quality knits, and we are privileged to be able to help people from the region obtain fair wages and employment.

Most of our winter accessories are knitted from lambs wool. This is largely due to ongoing trade and initiatives set up between Nepal and countries such as New Zealand. We have also more recently started importing products made from other wool, such as super-soft merino.  

wool ready for knitting

The colourful wool arrives to the knitters on long skeins, before being rolled into balls to make it more manageable. It is then knitted using lots of different techniques to create pom poms, cable knits, and even sheep!

Ethical wool accessories for winter wardrobes

From the Source has been trading in winter knits since 2014, offering a high quality selection of everything needed to keep you snug when the weather gets cold.

This year we've been particularly impressed with the quality of the range. We've expanded the collection to include new designs of headbands and wrist warmers, as well as making some much-loved seasonal staples available in several new colours.

unisex knitted wool bobble hat worn two ways

knitted wool headbands in lots of colours and styles

woolly winter sheep hat

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